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Join the Official Sculpt By Science Academy!🧬
Hey Everyone! I am finally ready to give you the keys to a better YOU. Today, I'm thrilled to announce that the doors to the Sculpt by Science Academy are officially OPEN. Remember, they will only be open for 48 hours... And if you join, I will see you on a call this weekend already! JOIN HERE: ☎️: Weekly Q&A session WITH Dr. Mike where you can ask me anything. The first one will be this Sunday already! 🧬:DNA sequence video course: Science-Based Nutrition to Lose Fat & Build Muscle, Training, Hormones, Sleep, Stress, Recovery and so much more 👨‍⚕️: I will be answering your questions in the community. 🧑‍⚕️: My coaches, all medical professionals, will also be answering your questions. 🏋️: A new workout program every month for both gents and ladies (I will teach you how to customize it too). 🌮: Additional content like my favorite recipes, a fast-food guidebook, videos with rehab exercises, stretching routines, etc. 📹: New course content added regularly. 💬: A supportive community of like-minded individuals.
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Welcome to Sculpt by Science!
Welcome to my free mini-course on science-based dieting. I hope it helps you on your health journey! Please, click on the tab "Classroom" to access the videos. If you have any questions, make a post and ask me, I am here to help you! But please WATCH the course, it will answer 90% of your questions about dieting, I promise 😁
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Weight loss
Hey I was wandering best ways to lose weight for the summer?
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if you're lost. change.
It's possible to be a better version of yourself Get access to the right information and operation on it It's challenging, but consistency always wins If you need help on your journey, I can help out
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