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check it out here and watch it all in one its so fucking short but sweet haha also will be hosting some live lessons soon so look out for that on the calendar soon
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Hello! Welcome to the Retain4Gain Skool. The goal of this skool is to help Men quit porn and masturbation addiction by mastering their sexual energy so they can go on to create meaningful relationships, reach financial freedom and lead meaningful lives filled with purpose and success Millions of men try to quit porn each year but only a handful ever succeed which means millions of men are left in the dark living unproductive lives, fail to attract their dream girl, ruin their relationships with family + friends and even financial difficulty due to wasting money or not working on their business/job enough This is because of the misinformation provided in the "nofap" community on places such as youtube and reddit This is where Retain4Gain has entered to change things We are a community of men who unlike others don't sit around crying about our streak The streak isn't the end for us - we quit porn and redirect our sexual energy into creating 6-8 figure businesses or getting promoted in our jobs, we aspire to improve our relationships with women and family but more importantly go to sleep every single night knowing we are doing the best we can in our lives We retain for gain - not meaningless streaks or validation I will be adding some courses + resources to help everyone soon in the classroom section so be sure to keep your eyes out for that - I am extremely excited to share the R.E.T.A.I.N framework with you soon that has helped some people quit a 5 year addiction in as little as 1 week To kick things off, please comment below introducing yourself. Let us know: 1. Your name 2. Where you are from 3. Your goals - doesn't have to be related to quitting porn! See you in the comments!
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How many guys are still jerking off?
I'll try to answer any nofap questions you have. (dm me if its personal)
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Pleasure is not found in porn it is created in your mind🧠🧨
If porn where to be complete objectively pleasurable and all mortal men have to resist it. How come there are genres, how come your preferences of which type of porn comes into play? Because at the end of the day the guys fucking guys and trannies fucking grannies seem disgusting to you but they are still labeled porn. porn is also subjective because you have mental autonomy, and when you look at a girl and decide she is hot thats because YOU decided it. (there is no second lizard primal brain inside of you deciding which girl is hot or not, there is just a dick that's purpose is to jizz) No one else is in your brain telling you to decide if that girl is hot or not, let alone thinking and focusing on her ass and saying she is so hot, practically mental masturbating's yourself. Side note, another example of porn being subjectively mentally pleasurable is that you have early ejaculation's when looking at porn without even touching your dick. Nothing touched your thingy yet you still bust. So know we know porn's pleasure is 1000 subjectively pleasurable and dictated on our brains. Now what? Now that you know that porn is subjective and we only enjoy it because we are actively telling ourselves how hot the girl is, than if we can be ULTRA mindful about our thoughts we can control how much we see porn as actually pleasurable. (over some time you will get used to it) This is like affirmations but in reverse and way more effective If you do this correctly you can watch porn and not even get the slightness erection, sounds crazy but its true, and (if you choose to do it) you will look at the porn and ask yourself have I been living a fucking lie? (yes you have)porn isn't objectively pleasurable you where creating that pleasure all along. how it feels to realize porn isn't objectively pleasurable and that we only feel pleasure because we BELIEVE we do and our interpretation of the porn is what creates the pleasure. ⬇️👇👎⤵️
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