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OG MEETUP (LEVEL 5 AND ABOVE!) is happening in 4 days
MY FUCKING COMMENT DOESN'T HAVE A TITLE FUCKHEAD. nor am I interested in choosing a category. I'l keep using "intros" since you all are still getting used to me and my sarcastic form ofdiarhea of the "mouth"
Is it just me? Or has anyone else noticed that Yogi seems a bit preoccupied with our nips? Or is everyone else just used to it and doesn't even hear it anymore?
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Hello fuckers
Shaun Parks from Saudi Arabia, working in a fast past environment need to slow the fuck down. So hoping to get a lot from these fucking awesome meditation. From the UK. Hello all
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Hey from Texas!
Hi all. Just wanted to jump on and introduce myself. I’m Christina, a 47 year old mom of one amazing 11 year old girl. I’m a high school crisis counselor as well as working for an online counseling service. I can always use help releasing my fucks after a long day of hearing the yuck others have going on so I’m excited to be here and get better at looking out for my own wellbeing. Can’t wait to get to know y’all.
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A little late but happy to be here!
Sup Ya’ll! Just found out about the challenge. Happy as fuck to be here! I’m here to get my focus back after a whirlwind year of change. Let’s DO This!
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Needing to release people pleasing fucks!
Hey Yall, Im a Texas girl currently living in Boise ID. I have a 2yo daughter that’s amazing. Im trying to start my own business but the mom gilt is real. Ive been meditating inconsistently for years. Learning now that I need to prioritize myself so I can be better for others. I love sleep meditations and I want to more shorter one throughout the day to help with focus and stress. Im excited to go on this journey with yall!!
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