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OG MEETUP (LEVEL 5 AND ABOVE!) is happening in 3 days
**BIG Announcement | more levels unlocking 💥**
Happy Friday fuckers! Read this entire post if you’re able to ❤️ If you're new to the Release Your Fucks community, welcome in to the most badass FREE meditation community on the internet --> the go to space for us to all come together (literally from all over the world) and release our fucks. The goal? Help the world release 100 billion fucks, and the only way we do it is together 🙏 I love seeing all the friendships being made, the challenges overcome, and the fucking passion everyone is sharing in the community. Keep up the great work. To get to the point.... as we continue to grow, I want to encourage you guys to keep deepening your practice and the best way I now how to do that is to give you more free shit lmao 1. I've created a Level 2 "Library" that has a couple of my favorite meditations & challenges for you from the paid app to help you manifest abundance and quality sleep 2. We now have a Level 5 "Advanced Training" for all you community leaders who have made this community what it is so far. Dive into this program. The best way to deepen your practice is to begin teaching it. 3. To reward OG fuckers who are Level 5 + I'm having a Leap Year workshop on Feb 29 @ 6:30pm ET. Add it to your calendar and DON'T MISS IT because I have another BIG announcement I'll be sharing with everyone 👀 4. Because of the number of Fucker McFuckerson's advancing so quickly, I've had to more the cameos to Level 7 and the Zoom call to Level 8 since it's already overwhelming my schedule each week - if you are close to Level 6/7 I'm not doing this until MARCH 1ST so you still have time to make it in. In the future I may have to switch these up to something different so sorry in advance (only so many hours in the week)
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A Reminder For Any Fuckers Joining After Feb 1st ❤️
"I missed the Feb 1st launch, can I still join in and release fucks?" Fuck yes you can. The 90-day challenge begins whenever you DECIDE to begin. No matter when you join or if you miss a day, go back into your classroom and begin again 🙏 When you see this post, let me know in the comments (or creating a new post is better) which day you're on and what kind of fucks you're releasing so far 💥
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Welcome to the Release Your Fucks Community! (Start Here)
The 90-day meditation challenge starts Feb 1st. Prepare by: 1. Watching the instructions 2. Watching the 90-day challenge 3. Inviting your friends Rules: - Two rules - be nice and have fun ❤️ And whenever you're stuck, remember this quote: "Bring your awareness and attention to your big toe……now bring your awareness to your nips…………there you go you just meditated." - Yogi B I'm always here to help so feel free to tag me or @Eric Rodriguez with shares and questions. Let the challenge begin fuckers!
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Surrender to the flow, let that shit go, and don't give a fuck!
Days 25-27 are building upon one another in a somatic, cathartic, visceral release! I know we had an I don't give a fuck meditation a while back, too, but I like this scaffolding of building upon surrendering, releasing and abandoning all fucks to give! Some of us talked about how this is hard to do. I try it, but I still struggle with not being able to do this in certain situations that really truly should not matter to me. I always think about the saying, "I need to stop caring about what certain people think of me because those people don't think about me or care about me." So, Day 27, I'm going to keep trying to not give a fuck. I won't revise any song lyrics for this one or sing on this one. Instead, I'm going to share a favorite movie scene and song that was my sisters post-divorce healing song! Maybe you cannot not give a fuck today or tomorrow, but, maybe if we sing "Let the shit go" or "I don't give a fuck about you" enough, we'll believe it and wake up and to those who don't think about us or care about us, truly not give a shit or fuck and surrender to the universe! 💗 For now, please enjoy this 4+ minute clip from "Fist Fight" and imagine yourself singing this, dancing to this to all the fuckers who have fucked with you in a not so good, pleasurable, screaming from the top of your lungs to not stop kind of way! To them: This one's for you! 🖕
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Taking the wins…
I had a therapist tell me once,” shut up and take the complement”. So I’ve actually had that so.. practice makes perfect. 1) I blew out of level 5 to 6 two days ago, and said nada… 2) it is my Birthday, I hate them… but I’ve repurposed it. No blatant self promo here but I do have a fb personal profile…wink. 3) my discipline, practice, vision and results are all moving forward as desired. It’s proportoinally your win for supporting this tribe and me. Your successes are fuel. Thank you. This freaking leaderboard and points shit? I don’t get it… lo. Just do.
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