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A Real Estate Marketer is someone who makes a living from their knowledge, expertise or wisdom and applying it in the real estate industry. This could be helping real estate agents, team leaders or brokers scale using the internet. Chances are you likely are one or have thought about becoming one. This group is the literal starting point behind creating dozens of 6 & 7 figure success stories.
The main thing you ought to know about us... Unlike a lot of coaches or self-proclaimed "gurus", we ACTUALLY developed these strategies from our own multiple 7 figure real estate marketing consultancy ( where we went from broke university students to $100,000+ a month/profit within 3 years.
PS: If you haven't checked out our free training yet, here's the link
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Welcome to the Real Estate Marketing Community
If you want to crush 6- 7 figures online by starting & scaling a REMC, this is for you.
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