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We are in the process of Re-Launching our Coaching Mastermind!! The goal is to build the internet's BEST Coaching Program for Real Estate Investors! For a limited time, we are offering an Early Adopters Pricing which will be good for the next 10 people that join then the price will be going up. The Coaching Mastermind has 2 additional (2-hour) calls each week, + Instant access to @Mike Slane and Myself via the Slack app, + some additional courses!! You can see the call schedule on the Calendar! Here is the Enrollment Link! (Usually we charge $2500 to join and $500 a month, the Early Adopters discount is only good for the next 10 people that are SERIOUS about this business) I look forward to working with you!! Your friend, Dave



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Jordan Hagstrom
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For future reference here are some Example Word Doc Templates that my team uses when we are working with Private and Hard Money Lenders. - Promissory Note Template - First Deed of Trust Template - Example Payoff Letter - Deed of Release Template Your friend, Dave



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David Dodge
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Jordan Hagstrom
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Happy Wednesday to all my Real Estate Skool Members :) @Mike Slane and I have an Awesome Coaching Mastermind that meets 2X a week and we are looking for a few more people to fill some spots... If you are interested in taking your Real Estate Investing business to the NEXT LEVEL we would love to talk to you about how WE can help! If you are interested to learn more, fill out the Coaching Application here: We look forward to talking with you! Dave & Mike



I am in the process of cleaning up a few of my courses and found this GEM!! This video was recorded last year and it is such a great explanation of what the 3 PILLARS of Wholesaling are.. I wrote a BOOK on these 3 EXACT things :) Check it out: 3 Pillars of Wholesaling Book:



Check this out! I'm working on putting together a Google Map that shows all of our FLIPS! We have done ~800 of them. I have already added about 500 of them to the map. I am actively working on adding the remaining deals that I've done to this map over the next few weeks. Each pin has (or will have) an image, details about the deal, the lead source, the buy price, the selling price, and the gross profit that was made on the deal!! (regardless of the exit strategy) Let me know what else we could add to make it even better and more fun!! Dave



David Dodge
Kim Harris
Nick Johnson
Mike Slane
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