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i help people find solutions for their real estate issues! LET"S GET out there and make connections 💪Take ACTION!!
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Austin TX
Tôi dạy tâm lý giúp những người có sự nghiệp ổn định lựa chọn bạn đời chính xác
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Việt Nam
100% Boricua / Founder / Free Training at
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I have been working my way into the real estate field. I am a mobile notary on the side along with being a transaction coordinator.
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Lived in CA until 1999, in Las Vegas (current N Las Vegas) to present. Past business owner. Yellow t in photo. New to RE willing to learn and partner.
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North Las Vegas, NV
I am an investor fixing and flipping ,properties trying to build a buyers and private lender list give me a call 772-332-4602 Dave
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I invest nationwide, but primarily, I am in the South Jersey (Atlantic City) and Philadelphia market. I am interested in making money.
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Arizona-based Wholesaler, Licensed Agent, and Investor.
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We have been helping homeowners with any problems they may have. Plus helping families to buy a home by providing financing.
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Founder Of The Master Investor Academy. I am on a mission to help as many people as possible to set themselves free through real estate investing.
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Virtual Assistant
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Manages OPM, a financial consulting company for entrepreneurs/investors on securing capital to scale & a portfolio of airbnb real estate holdings
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Las Vegas, Nevada
Investor and broker interested in buying more properties in NC/SC
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Freedom is Not FREE... Real Estate Here I Come...
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Investor -Flipper ‘ DirtLover 🚀
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NASA Kennedy Space Center
An artist and speaker, combining creativity and financial success, empowers people with an art-inspired mindset to build wealth.
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Clearwater, Florida
Aspiring real estate investor
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I'm real estate wholesaler from St. Louis. Once I master wholesaling, I'll move into other areas of real estate investing. Passive income later.
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St. Louis, MO
Just starting out, I’m trying to learn and apply all the skills I can to be a successful wholesaler/investor in the near future.
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Im a medical biller, looking to learn wholesale
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My name is Shannon, and I am a mother and buisness owner, looking to expand my knowledge in real estate!
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Spring grove IL
Me and my business partner Don-te havebeen in healthcare for over 20 years and want to help people in another way while living our best life!
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Cleveland area
We are located in Hudson, FL which is the Tampa Bay area & would love to help out anyone we can. We are able to cover the state of Florida.
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Hudson, FL
I'm Bill!
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On and off real estate investor. Former landlord of two rentals, recently did some land flipping... looking to learn and help others along the way.
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Real Estate agent since 2020
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