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$27 /month
Real Estate Skool is the BEST place to learn how to get started flipping houses!
We make learning: Wholesaling, Fixing & Flipping, Buying Rentals, using Creative Finance, Sub2, AND the Brrrr Method EASY TO LEARN! We even teach how to acquire rental properties with Little to NO money out of pocket! (David & Mike have done this nearly 200 times )
Additional reasons that Real Estate Skool is the Absolute BEST place to start!
šŸ‘‰ Private Community & Super Focused on REI
šŸ‘‰ It's OFF Facebook (NO ads or distractions)
šŸ‘‰ A place to Collaborate with other Investors
šŸ‘‰ Contracts, Assignments, & JV Agreements!
šŸ‘‰ It has a Classroom area with;
šŸ”„ Courses on Wholesaling & Flipping
šŸ”„ Courses on Private Money & Real Estate Data
šŸ”„ Courses on Landlording & Rentals
šŸ”„ (2) Monthly Real Estate Coaching Calls
āœ… The BEST Real Estate Community on the Planet!
Privacy and terms
Private group
This Group is Designed to HELP New & Seasoned Investors Connect, Collaborate, and LEARN Together šŸ‘‰ Courses, Training's, Demo's & Coaching Calls! šŸš€
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