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Welcome to the PMW Property Academy!
If you have been invited into this group, you have most likely attended one of our Property Jumpstart events or read Paul's Property Jumpstart book.
You can also download the "Skool Communities" mobile phone app to access the group on your phone.
In this Academy you have access to all the free bonus gifts that were promised to assist you in the early stages of your property journey (e.g. the Jargon Buster, Deal Calculator, etc). You'll find these in the 'classroom' section.
View the various networking events, workshops, and programme events that PMW has to offer.
Please note: only Team PMW can post messages in the group, which we will do, to keep you up-to-date with news on upcoming events and services.
If we can assist you any further on your journey, or you wish to learn more about our training programmes, don't hesitate to contact our team:
Call - 0800 233 5596
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Property Jumpstart Academy
Welcome to the PMW Property Jumpstart Academy
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