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Ad Engine Course
How do you get access to the ad engine course?
Justin Lalonde
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scaling up
Does anyone have a advice on how to get into big companies and brands, how to contact their owner... And by big companies I mean 40m+ annual revenue? Please help if you have any advice🤝
Justin Lalonde
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AOV & Product Margins for META advertising.
Hello guys, I hope you all are doing great. I run a supplement brand based in Sweden and I handle all the advertising in-house by myself. Been a "silent/passive" member here for a few months now so I thought it was time to start/connect some discussions. We have a lot of products in the pricing range of 25 - 30 EUR with a few "hero SKUs" that we push on META. Our biggest challenge is that we're struggling to get consistency in our AOV and this hurts ROAS and other financial key metrics that allow us to scale profitably. In other words: a lot of new customers only buy 1 product, which I guess makes a lot of sense, they want to try the product before the stock up on more. Currently we send all the traffic to designed, tailor-made LPs with 3 alternatives(using the decoy-effect/strategy): buy 1, buy 2 get x % off, buy 3 get x & off etc. We use Replo or GemPages for this. So my question is if anybody else has been in this situation and how did they solve it? Gift with purchase? Just sell bundles? Try out more offers with added values such as shakers, merch etc? What product margin is optimal/preferable? Kind regards
Justin Lalonde
Måns Hederberg
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Cold email
If anyone does cold email outreach, do you add a signature in the email? I’ve heard that with a signature an email could end up in spam.
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Welcome to’s Private Community! 🧙‍♂️ This is a community for up-and-coming e-commerce business owners and DTC marketers aiming to reach +7 figures with their businesses. At, we help thriving e-commerce brands grow through a specialized approach combining Paid Advertising & Performance Creatives, and ongoing consultation allowing you to grow your business holistically. After almost 3 years of successfully growing brands, we've realized we were doing the market a disservice... By NOT offering any advice to starting brands. Although I post tons of content on YouTube every single week, our team has been exclusively working with a select 10-15 brands already making "good money" online. PeakAd (our free mini course) is a way for us to give back to the community and to offer you a clear pathway to 7 figures with your store. Feel free to check these links out: - Work with our agency - YouTube - Twitter - Instagram In this community, you may ask any questions about anything e-commerce (DTC) or paid advertising related. To get started, comment down below with: 1. Your Name 2. What's your business/brand, what do you sell/offer, how long have you been doing it for, etc. Happy to have you here!
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