What if I could look at all your ads and systems today?

Our ad team at PaidAdvertising.com usually audits anywhere from 2-5 ad accounts every week of potential new partners.

That's not atypical for a thriving agency with over $25M in client revenue...

And auditing so many other businesses got me thinking of mine:

What was I doing that was bringing me the best returns?

What was I doing that made me feel the best?

What was I doing that could be considered as "fluff"?

If you didn't know, this year, I almost started a second agency.

An agency of agencies if you want.

I'm not forever scrapping the idea, but for the time being, I am.

I spent 4 months and over 150 hours of my time building this new offer.

The goal?

Help in-house marketing teams, or agencies, improve their marketing processes through a mix of done-for-you and done-with-you.

But then, the thought hit me...

"It's Q4 Justin, yes you need to focus, BUT there are many brands without agencies that might want an extra help boost to validate their strategies..."

"How many agencies are also going through their first BFCM? They probably need help too, right?"

"What about these agencies' brands? If my agency would be at their first BFCM, I'd want a second opinion too."

Which is why I decided NOT to scrap AdEngine, and to instead change its purpose.

AdEngine now is moving to a consulting program.

馃専 Led by Justin & A Proven Track Record: Our strategies have fueled over $25M in client revenue. We're your growth partners, ready to share our secrets.

馃摫 24/7 Group Chat Access: Night or day, get immediate access to our team. Questions, brainstorming, quick checks - we鈥檙e here for you.

馃搮 Weekly Insightful Calls: Join Justin and the team for sessions on ads, marketing techniques, operations, and more. We break down complex strategies for you.

馃攼 Exclusive Resources: Get a leg up with our vault of SOPs, in-depth trainings, and marketing modules. Stay ahead of the curve.

鈿欙笍 Automate & Elevate: Implement our ready-to-use internal systems. From creative workflows to tools, we streamline your operations. Plus, we're hands-on for any support!

馃 A Community of Trailblazers: Network, share, and grow in a space of ambitious entrepreneurs. Together, we thrive.

For the consulting calls alone, we usually charge $500 USD per hour...

And gurus will sell you a "course" with all of the content we'd have for MINIMUM $1,997...

And our agency clients pay us multi 4-5 figure monthly fees to access our team...

And you'd get all of this...

For a limited time only as an early Q4 promotion...

At a monthly subscription fee of $547.

If you want to have me and my team look over your shoulder throughout Q4, ask us questions and get an almost-instant reply about your ads, and see what we're doing LIVE for our own client accounts...

Join us over at AdEngine.

(Our team will then manually add you to the program on Skool, give you access to the calls and add you to our Telegram channel, all to the email you would've subscribed with!)


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