Physics Master of Science - EPFL & Stanford University Goalkeeper U18 National Swiss Soccer League 6y+ dating coach, 300+ men transformed
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Geneva, Switzerland
AI enthusiast and visionary leader onboarded this wonderful group of creators and innovators.
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I help business owners publish and launch a bestselling book on Amazon
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Professional learner
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Wifi Money 💰
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Hey, I'm Ian. Digital Nomad and Digital Agency owner and builder of online income streams. Lets make some deals!
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i have a small marketing strategy company, Octopus Lessons, NC native and NC State Fan, love my black lab, and want to learn how to harness AI!
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Raleigh, NC
Getting better everyday.
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Video Marketer for real estate investors
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Exploring AI's potential to foster personal growth in everyone. Listening, learning, and creating tomorrow's future.
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I am a real estate marketing coach helping real estate agents leverage and dominate their markets utilizing the latest and best practices.
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Online Business Manager (OBM), web designer, social media marketer.
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I started a small nursery at my home and I want to use Notion for that along with my personal papers.
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Teaching artificial intelligence to millions!
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Your network is your net worth. Work on the business not in the business.
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Business Development, Team Lead M1 Real Capital
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Helping entrepreneurs launch successful SaaS projects!
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Always learning. Always evolving.
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Produktive optom
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I'm Cheikh
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Geneva, Switzerland
God fearing Husband, Father, Coach, Realtor and Investor in Phoenix, AZ - Multi-state professional home buyer. 4x eXp Realty ICON now at ΓEA⅃ Broker.
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Phoenix, AZ
Currently working in healthcare, love having Notion as new productive tool. Don't hesitate to connect if you think we can collaborate.
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New York
💻 Web Developer 🏋🏻‍♀️ CrossFit Athlete
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