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3 Productivity Hacks For Lawyers & Optimized Law Firm Setup!
Amazing turnout at the Productivity Hacks For Lawyers training today live on Zoom with over 150 lawyers live on Zoom simultaneously. I shared my top 3 productivity hacks for maximizing your productivity and output. Watch the recording inside Classroom here. I shared a list of Optimized & Happy Office Setup which you can find using the link above. We also talked about Looming All Day. And the Get Shit Done (GSD) Framework. Find all of the resources I shared inside the training here. Super valuable and super impactful. Have a wonderful relaxing weekend.
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Member Led-In Person Meet Ups!!!
I have spoken to multiple people that ae interested in some in person meet ups!! So lets start a thread here with City & State of where everyone is located!!!
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Welcome To Lawyer Club Powered By My Legal Academy!
Lawyer Club is dedicated to democratizing access to valuable information to help you grow your law firm and help you enjoy a fulfilling life. Our mission is to foster a supportive environment where lawyers can connect, grow, and thrive together. ⚡ PLEASE COMPLETE THESE 3 STEPS NOW: It will cover your next steps, how to use Lawyer Club, where to access everything, and how to unlock hidden content: STEP 1: Watch the video below now. It will cover what Lawyer Club is and how to get the most out of it. STEP 2: After you've watched this video, go to Community and click on "Write something" in the Community tab and introduce yourself to the community! Write where you're from, what type of law you practice, and share your biggest challenge, bottleneck, or problem preventing you from scaling your law firm so that we can help you overcome it ASAP! STEP 3: Head over to Classroom to get access to exclusive trainings tailored for lawyers. We're very grateful to have you here with us. -Sam Mollaei, Esq. Other Important Notes: 1. Here's how to get the most out of Lawyer Club. 2. Here's how to explore exclusive content. 3. Review the Calendar to attend upcoming events, masterclasses, and social events
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Do you really need to hire right now?
This week in our implementation sessions, we focused a lot on hiring. We had to ask ourselves, "Do we really need to hire someone new?" Before jumping into it, we took a step back to check our systems and how we do things. We didn't rush into putting up a job ad. Instead, we got the whole team together to talk about what's hard or causing problems. Then, we looked at what we can make easier by using tools or sharing tasks. We also thought about what we can stop doing altogether. This way, when we do hire, it's not just about getting more people. It's about making things work better for everyone. If you haven't made it a practice in your firm to meet with your teams to identify pain points, I've attached a document with a few helpful questions to better structure your team. Assessing Pain Points and Streamlining Workflows: Insights for Improving Efficiency in Your Law Firm
Any recommendations on SEO for a niche practice? I have been burned a couple of times.
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