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Creating the right survey questions is so important
Reminder to all who are creating surveys for landing pages Mastermind community:
Have you guys seen the newest YouTube video?
Learn how to write sales copy. Uploading the continuation of this (building the entire Facebook ads plan and more) in the mastermind community soon.
New sales call recording added to FFNF course
Listen as I talk to a Texas roofer on the phone about what we do, how it works, and what it costs.
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SMMA Mastermind Community is LIVE
Hey guys, big news, and big offer: I've decided to launch a mastermind on the Skool platform. This is a community for serious SMMA owners who want to succeed. In this community, you'll have instant access to my FFNF course for no additional cost to you, you'll have access to additional courses as they drop and the ability to access some that will unlock at certain point levels, PLUS weekly group Zoom calls where I teach you things, answer questions, troubleshoot accounts, provide motivation and mindset coaching, and more. Join now and lock in 97 per month for life. Price increases after the first 10 members. Let's do this! Kill it with your SMMA in the contractor niche. Join here:
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Get easily A2P approved to send SMS with this snapshot
Free training here:
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SMMA owners, instantly access free trainings for succeeding in the contractor niche! Then level up and join the Mastermind for instant course access.
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