Discipline = Freedom
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Internet Marketer interested in various Outreach and Client Aquisition Methods.
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Learner SMMA niche-god know what currently trying out opthamology and home improvement until i get a client
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I'm a Professional website development and digital marketing Agency with vast experience and in-depth knowledge in the field.
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Economics Teacher, Professional Education MA. Pivoting skills / expertise to create impactful content, courses & coaching. Raising two masculine sons.
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Londoner, in China
Here to grow.
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Fellow Londoner Looking To Scale His SMMA
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success is a must
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Polish guy, seeking truth, and connecting with great individuals along my way to success
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Marketing marketing marketing
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Scaling Wizards
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New to SMMA. Running the agency in the home improvement niche.
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Christoffer Kvist - https://www.instagram.com/christofferkvist/
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Founder & Owner of VivaVibe.ai / Let's learn from each other 🫡
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Learning from the past to build for the future
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A falling tree makes more noise than a growing forest
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Helping marketing agencies get clients on autopilot
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Media insights solutions, our success is defined by the growth and achievements of our clients. We turn insights into impactful marketing strategies!
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Houston, Texas
An aspiring young entrepreneur
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Owner of NsocialAds, a FB ad agency for solar installers Feel free to hmu, I'm coolin
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Aschersleben, Germany
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Uk. United Kingdom
Just your average Joe, working on growing his own Agency in Melbourne, Australia 🇦🇺
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Melbourne Australia
Digital Nomad
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Multi 6 figure SMMA agency owner grown purely through word of mouth & referrals. Scaling brands via Facebook, Google & Tiktok with Free UGC Content
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Ausbildung zum Bankkaufmann Lernbereit
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Joined Feb 21, 2024
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