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Roofing FB Leads
Hey guys, I'm wondering how much should i suggest my client to start paying for ads on a daily basis if he's in a slow work season and is trying to get leads in? Whats the average price for a quality roofing (appointment)?
Choosing The Cheapest Marketing Strategy
Right now im in college and don't work because of basketball and ive realized it takes money to make money. But i wanted to ask what do you guys recommend the best marketing strategy would be for me saying that i don't have a consistent income as of right now and want to get my first client?
My Roofing Campaign for UK roofing company is doing terrible...
Any video recommendations i can watch
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7 new clients - The nightmare starts
I signed a bunch of new clients this month. But most of them are stuck in the onboarding process. Banned accounts, payment issues, login issues, the list goes on. Neither me nor the clients has time to sort all this out. So question: does anyone have experience in running ads from an account you own, and then just sell leads. If so please reach out to me, thanks!
We finally cracked B2B ADs & finally figured out how to close consistently while having a good sales process BUT lack of good service delivery is catching up to us. We used to run the price offer before we cracked b2b ads & it was doing good for our 3-4 clients but we realized everyone was running the same offer & same copy so we had to pivot. I bought Michael's HOPE framework course & made some new ads with it, they did good in the beginning. One of my client was even getting $15-$20 per lead with a 40-50% booking rate with it & similar results for our other clients BUT suddenly they stopped working, not sure what happened but it just crashed for everyone except for one client who is still doing good. I tried re-launching the campaign, trying new ADs with new offers, even tried running UGC ads gave everything enough time ($100-$150 spent on each ad set) but nothing seems to click. We have 10 active clients right now but only 1 of them is getting good results AND he can’t close for shit 😂 I am so confused on what to do & where to go from here Would love to share our B2B Sauce & Closing secrets in exchange of some b2c help. We’re consistently getting $5-$6 leads and closing at 30-40%
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