We finally cracked B2B ADs & finally figured out how to close consistently while having a good sales process BUT lack of good service delivery is catching up to us.
We used to run the price offer before we cracked b2b ads & it was doing good for our 3-4 clients but we realized everyone was running the same offer & same copy so we had to pivot. I bought Michael's HOPE framework course & made some new ads with it, they did good in the beginning. One of my client was even getting $15-$20 per lead with a 40-50% booking rate with it & similar results for our other clients BUT suddenly they stopped working, not sure what happened but it just crashed for everyone except for one client who is still doing good.
I tried re-launching the campaign, trying new ADs with new offers, even tried running UGC ads gave everything enough time ($100-$150 spent on each ad set) but nothing seems to click. We have 10 active clients right now but only 1 of them is getting good results AND he can’t close for shit 😂
I am so confused on what to do & where to go from here
Would love to share our B2B Sauce & Closing secrets in exchange of some b2c help. We’re consistently getting $5-$6 leads and closing at 30-40%
Ashim Kharel
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