Learning to live in the now!
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Nampa, Idaho
At 69 years old, I'm working on goals that I should have had many years ago...playing catch up and learning new tricks because it's never too late!
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Kalispell, MT
Just a happy guy trying to pay his bills
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Connecting with new people brings me joy,broadens my perspectives and fosters personal growth through diverse experience and relationships.
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Professional Website & Funnel Buider, Mobile app developer & Designer.
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I share Marketing Tips And Generate High Paying Clients For Business eg Facebook ads set-up, Google Ads set-up, lead generation, website design etc.
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I'm a tangle of contradictions and a ball of conflicting imperatives fighting for freedom
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Inventor/Entrepreneur ready to launch, inventors network through my business, Modernday Inventors LLC. Coding our products and services with Web3.0
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United States
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Devin Midro’s Market Research
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