I’m trying to craft my “Why I do what I do” statement in a formal, but laid back way so that it doesn’t sound “stuffy” but at the same time, professional in terms of holding a solid message for those who read it
This is a very rough first draft…
I've often reflected on my journey and realized the immense value of having guidance along the way.
Looking back, I can't help but think how much smoother certain aspects of my life could have been with the support of a mentor or coach.
While I'm grateful for the lessons learned through personal experiences, I'm passionate about offering others the guidance I wish I had.
My goal is to help people navigate life's challenges and accelerate their journey towards their own goals and dreams
Together, we can bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be, while unlocking new levels of fulfillment and success in every area of life.
Your thoughts, opinions, and suggestions are appreciated
Shad Drury
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