Where to start?
Hey all
I hope that everyone is having a amazing weekend 馃榿
I wanted some feed back from the group with regards to "How to start"
My situation is that I work long hours and have little time for a sideline business. So I am considering doing affiliate marketing and using AI to help me with content generation ideas on topics that I know very little about. Then to make no face videos to put on YouTube to help generate a few sales.
My goal is to have a turnover of 10k pcm with a 30% profit after expenses. That would enable me to stop doing my - DJoD (Day Job of Doom) and become a full time online marketer, like my mentor Mike.
My question is, which automantion systems do I start using, how long does it take to start seeing some green shoots of return.
Lastly, I really identified with Mike's video on "imposter syndrome", it's something I've battled with for many years and it doesn't help that I have ADHD, so I can be super focused and lose all track of time or then "look squirrel 馃惪" and my mind will find another task to think about. So thanks for highlighting that Mike and giving me some confidence to keep moving forward.
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