Funnel Flow
I'm working on my opt-in > Webinar signup page. I'm interested in your thoughts. Here is what I'm trying to accomplish:
  1. User visits home page - home page converts to have them get free download.
  2. They move to opt-in page and enter their info. This triggers 2 events: First, their info is sent to SendInBlue (email provider) and they are sent the download to their email automatically and they are added to my email database. Second, they are shown copy inviting them to learn more via basically an on-demand webinar. This is pre-recorded, about 30 minutes and is aimed at informing them, answering questions, delivering strong value and ultimately getting the user to book a call. The webinar is pre-recorded.
I'm writing the webinar information page now and just wanted to run the funnel flow past someone who has more knowledge of funnels than I do.
Any thoughts you have are welcome! Thanks in advance.
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