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Information not shared to the public yet...GAME CHANGER
COMMENT BELOW! So you guys may know that I run a CRM called FUBots with @Jason Morris - well we've decided to UPGRADE the system, make it more streamlined, make it so you can send out unlimited texts, and emails, and the best part CHARGE LESS! Yes it was $199.00/month but now we're dropping it to $99.00/month. WHY? Because we found a better platform to host our system on - that has saved us HUNDREDS OF HOURS a month! So we can ONBOARD and SUPPORT more members at a time than we could before - we don't know exactly when we'll be ready for the new system or HOW MANY we can bring in YET - but we're working on that right now with our new partners. Check out the results one of our members got using FUBots Follow Up Scripts and let us know if you want the same type of results! COMMENT BELOW! "2nd week Results Okay, so I sent out 2 campaigns last week both with 150 old leads for a total of 300 leads. 17 total responses, 4 warm leads, 1 listing appointment set.."
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Introduce yourself - let's connect! =)
Hi guys - since this is a community, I want to encourage everybody to connect and get to know each other so what better way to start that then to introduce yourself! Please make a post and 1.Tell us who you are 2.Where you're from 3. What you do 4. Maybe an interest or hobby or what makes you special 5. And what you hope to get out of this group? Bonus for videos or pictures! I will start! Here's my video!
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Hello! Welcome to the FREE Mortgage, Life Insurance, and Social Media Coaching Community! The goal of this community is to help home buyers, real estate agents, mortgage loan officers, and life insurance agents learn how to become pros on things involving financing, borrowing money, making money, and creating generational wealth. I recorded a video for you explaining how this new Community is going to work. Create a NEW post and introduce yourself! Tell us who you are, who you can help, and what you hope to learn and or contribute to this community! Make sure you include your picture or a video so we know who you are! More posts coming soon... this is just my introduction "start here" post! My original description of this class: "This is my new teaching platform and I plan on adding all my past and original classes here marked as ARCHIVES including paid coaching content. Please provide feedback and suggestions if you have any you'd like me to implement! Thank you!"
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is it active?
is the group active?
Free Lead Gen Systems for Members
Hey guys! A part of @Jason Morris 's and my plan was to not only provide ideas on how to automate your follow up on leads - but how to FIND and GET and EVEN GENERATE more leads to feed into your automation systems! So we're staring the phase of building out lead gen systems for MEMBERS ONLY as an experiment. I normally charge $3,000.00 setup fee and $750/mo maintenance fee but since this is sort of a research and development system and we want volunteers - we're willing to do this for free for the time being until we perfect the system! Please comment below or reach out if you want to be a part of this group of "mad scientists!" We'll explain the details once we figure out who wants to be a part of it. Thanks!
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🤓 I teach everyday people how to "make money" 💰 & create wealth through home buying, tax & retirement strategies as a Licensed Financial Educator 🤑
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