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My goal through this community is to compress years of learning and thousand's of $$$ spent educating myself into free music courses for everyone.
Courses are updated regularly and optimized as our resources grow. BEWARE OF OVERWHELM!!! There's A LOT of free stuff and I don't gate any of it meaning you get it all right away. Take your time and explore everything at your own pace and celebrate your success in the community section of the school.
What you get:
✅ Free Music Courses
✅ Community engagement
My Credentials:
  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude Berklee College of Music (Majoring in Songwriting)
  • Awarded Guitar Scholarship for Berklee
  • Professional Musician with 1000+ Paid Gig experience
  • Over a Decade of Music Industry Experience as Educator, Session Player, Band Leader, Solo Artist, Digital Marketing for Independent Distribution Label.
  • Content creator and Live streamer (Mon-Fri 12pm AEST)
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Luan's School Of Music
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