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LoA mind is a vibrant community for creative entrepreneurs who are building online businesses and are interested in leveraging the powerful Law of Attraction principles as described by Abraham Hicks and Neville Goddard (and more). Whether you are already acquainted with Abraham Hicks and the Law of Attraction or are a creative entrepreneur seeking practical strategies for personal and business growth, you're in the right place. I believe that understanding the Law of Attraction principles is the most logical and actionable tool for entrepreneurs today. Manifestation techniques and methods have often been misunderstood and mistaught by fake gurus and get-rich-quick-with-no-action kind of folk. It's time for a clear approach to LoA (Law of Attraction) with actionable advice specifically tailored for entrepreneurs in today's creator economy. About Me: My name is Tharyn Taylor. I am a technology nerd, online enthusiast, creator, and have spent 15 years practicing the teachings of Abraham Hicks. I created LoAmind with a desire to attract a community of curious entrepreneurs who are eager to leverage their incredible Inner Power and work in harmony with the laws of the Universe to enhance their brand, business, and life. If this sounds interesting to you, then please sign up for free, or welcome if you just signed up! The first steps: Please watch the introduction video here to learn how to navigate the Skool platform: [Classroom Link with instructions and how to use Skool] You can go here to learn the Basic Concepts: Finally, please make sure to introduce yourself. Share what phase of entrepreneurship you're in and what you're current thoughts, problems, insights, and recent revelations are regarding this beautiful attraction-based Universe. So happy you're here! -Tharyn



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LoAmind is a FREE learning community for creative entrepreneurs to practice the Law of Attraction as taught by Abraham Hicks & Neville Goddard.

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