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Exact steps for Certification Process
There had been so many people contacting me to ask how to complete the process so I thought I would lay it out here, step-by-step, in hopes it might help everyone. Ed has created a video outlining the steps which I will summarize below Here as THE STEPS: Send an email to '" containing the following: 1. A recording of ONE of your coaching sessions.  2. A completed copy of the Coaching Assessment document (See attached) of your assessment of that coaching session. 3. A completed Coaching Academy feedback form (See attached). 4. An acknowledgement that you have completed all the modules (They can check this behind the scenes so they already know if you did or did not complete them) 5. NOTHING ELSE NEEDS TO BE SUBMITTED. Your completion of your "tasking" is accepted on an honor system - they trust you are doing it and you do not need to submit it. - NOTE: Most videos are too long to send via email - for that reason I created a Google folder containing all the above and sent them the link to that folder (with access rights) in the email. - The coaching Assessment document is an excel spreadsheet where you rate how well you covered each of the steps outlined in the spreadsheet. This is your best guess at how well you did and what you can improve upon. I don't believe they are looking for perfection as we are always improving on our skills. - The turn around time (from when you send in your documentation to when you hear back from them regarding your acceptance or denial (if that even happens)) seems to be a little over 1 week. HOW TO OPEN UP ALL CURRICULUM in the program - Engagement is what gets you points. Creating your own posts scores the highest, commenting on others the next level of points, liking scores the least amount of points - Each Level opens up the trainings as per the attached breakdown. - All course curriculum is fully opened up by Level 4. - There is NO additional curriculum beyond Level 4 although you continue to score points and increase your level as you continue to engage. You stay in the game of connecting.
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Booked my first coaching session
So happy I have an appointment with my client for the first coaching session in which I will apply the Expert Coach structure. I actually asked several people to do one with me so that I get the practice, and the one I think comes out best will be the one I send to @Ed J C Smith for the certification! So, by Saturday this week I now want to have finished listening to all the coursework! I am loving it and I am so excited!!!
Lawyer Wells
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Spiral Dynamics Integral By Don Beck
Hi, Does anyone have something to say (in terms of obtaining it, listening, insight etc.) about the 7 hrs and 22 mins audio from Don Beck which is part of the tasks to complete from module 3? Did you listen to the entire recording? What is your takeaway?
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Regaining my confidence and deleting fear.
Hi all as I proceed with the course I can tell that this is what I want to do.
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