How To Unlock The Program (£5,000 Certification FREE)

How you unlock the program (watch this video)

to get certified as an Expert Coach






If you want to be a great coach

Then you have to interact and practise your coaching skills

as you go through the whole program.

without practice, you will not get better.




The whole program can be unlocked within 2 1/2 weeks (average)

Some have done it in 8 days.

Some have done it in less than that.




Level 4 unlocks the entire program.

The Expert Coach is gamified so you get the most from it.

Modules get unlocked as you go through the program

The more you do the more points you earn

You earn points by interacting within the group.




How to earn points:

-Post questions on your tasking

If people engage with your post or question

you earn a point per like/engagement.












My name is Ed and I hope this is going to transform your life

like nothing else you have experienced before.



The Expert Coach Certification is sold for £5,000.

This is not some fake marketing technique to get you to trust me.

The truth is the online space today is not that empowering.

There are few communities available for coaches and consultants

That provides real value and most are just spam communities.



Day in and day out my ads get bombarded with negative comments about coaching

I get tired of people commenting negative things.

how all coaches just want to make money etc

Coaching is a scam etc

Making money is not why I decided to become a coach.

There is nothing wrong with making money from coaching

However, if it is the most important factor to you as a coach

You are most likely going to fail.



Money is a by-product of being an amazing coach.

Money is a by-product of being able to create amazing transformations with clients

The truth is most coaches/consultants are just not that good at the skill of coaching

Or they question their ability to get a client a result

Which leaves them doubting themselves and stops them from putting themselves out there.

When you doubt yourself you no longer sell yourself to the level you could.



And it's not their fault

They just don't have the right skills as a coach

They have either learnt from an old school outdated institution

or they lack a simple process to follow and the repetition.

They then get stuck by their own personal limitations.

They don't have people around them that can really help them.

Then complain about their circumstance rather than

taking ownership and doing something about it.



I wanted to do something that no one else was doing in the coaching industry

Because the skill of Coaching saved my life

I tried to jump in front of a train when I was younger.

I got saved

I became a client of coaching.

Coaching saved my life.

In return, I made a promise to help as many people as possible.

I have spent my whole life training taking courses and learning from the best.

I have invested well over £500,000 into my current education and I have the invoices to prove it.

I have hit a point in my life and my business where I am very fortunate

To be able to make a crazy offer.



So in the meantime time

The Expert Coach Certification that I spent years of my life creating

£500,000 plus in education fees

Right now we are giving it away for FREE

There is no catch.

All we ask is that you share it with as many people as you know

Who would benefit from becoming a certified coach

So together we can make a massive difference to as many people as possible.

(Ps you do not have to share it with your friends if you are not comfortable yet doing that)

Let's create an amazing community together.



You can find the full accredited program -

The Expert Coach - in the classroom for you to go through and become certified.

The Expert Coach is accredited through the IAPC&M (International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring) and the CPD Certification accreditation board.



Our goal is to help you:

* Level up your mindset so you can become even better at whatever you do

* Certify yourself with the best skills so your confidence goes through the roof

* Level up your coaching skills so you can get even better results with your clients and earn more

* Help you make a massive difference in other people's lives so you can pass it on

* Build an amazing community of coaches who care and support each other.

* Build your trust so that when you need help in the future you will know how we can help you.




Please DO NOT Spam the group with your links

This is a community around helping you with your coaching skills

Not for people to come in and try to get clients or do self-promotion.

You know the deal.

Let's avoid it becoming a community like that, please.






See you in the comments!

Ed ;-) Lets gooooooooooooooo

Ps please note

We do not track if you are sharing it with your friends

I only ask if you would like to

Please do not think you have to share it with your friends

The unlocking of the program is not based on how many people you bring

So it is truly FREE with no catch for you to take and use..

If you do feel like sharing it though

I would really appreciate you xxx


Become an Expert Coach (Value $5,000) accredited through 2 governing boards. Level up your coaching skills so you can transform your client results.

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