Live Expert Coach Session You Coming?

This Tuesday -5pm GMT

I am doing a live session answering your questions.

Plus I will be doing a live Demo of the Expert Coach

Breakthrough coaching sessions

What personal limitations would you like me to coach you on?

  • Lack of personal belief?
  • Money earning?
  • Procrastination?
  • Overwhelm?
  • Anxiety?
  • Productivity?
  • Fear of not being good enough?

Comment " lets gooo" if you want the link

and I ll send it to you

Ps Remember

You have 5 weeks to get your certification

before Dec 18th

All you have to do is

  • Complete the Expert Coach Modules - (Less than 20 mins a day)
  • Record and evaluate a coaching session
  • Send in your coaching evaluation so we can asses it
  • Complete the Feedback form send it into us


Become an Expert Coach (Value $5,000) accredited through 2 governing boards. Level up your coaching skills so you can transform your client results.

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