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Welcome to the Kettlebell Dojo!
It's a community for open-minded kettlebell practitioners, enthusiasts, and trainers. Put in the reps, inspire others with your work, level up to become a «Kettlebell Black Belt» and transform into a lean, mean kettlebell machine.
The Belt System:
Join as a White Belt and pass a belt test to solidify your rank. Find the test and its requirements in the «classroom» section of the Kettlebell Dojo.
Earn Points for Your Next Belt:
Get points when others like your posts, comments, and replies. 1 like = 1 point. The more points, the higher your rank. Once you unlock the next belt, a new test awaits.
Privacy and terms
Kettlebell Dojo
Private group
A community for kettlebell enthusiasts united in the pursuit of a common goal: achieving the Kettlebell Dojo «Black Belt».
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