Commercial Real Estate Investor
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Tampa, Fl
Happy to be here
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Real estate, investor and entrepreneur
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I am a Flipper, Realtor and Certified Real Estate Investment Coach. Always looking to network and raise funds. My goal is one flip per month in 2024.
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Looking to scale my real estate business in Regina.
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Regina, SK
PhD Chemical Engineer turned Real Estate Investor. Always looking to connect and see how I can be of service to other investors.
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Gatineau, Qc
Founder & CEO of
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Mel Giannone is a 30 Year veteran of the Commercial Real Estate community in Greater Toronto. Founder of Paramount Real Estate Properties, Brokerage.
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Mississauga, Ontario
Real estate entrepreneur (recent escapee of Corporate America)
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Marketing pro helping scale businesses and personal brands.
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A professional Engineer with 15 years working for the Department of Navy. I have 10 years of experience as a Realtor with a 100% List to Sold ratio.
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M1 Team
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Real Estate investor from San Antonio TX
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RE - Multifamily/Student Housing, Hotels (outside the US), Airbnb Arbitrage Personal - Wife, Mom, Dog Mom, Powerlifter, Golfer, Traveler, Wine Lover
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former Lieutenant, specializing in syndicating value-add multifamily properties and hosting the "TechMed Apartment Investment Show."
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Marketing Executive living in Denver, Colorado
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Multifamily Real Estate Investor
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Marketing Manager at
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Scottsdale, AZ
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M1 Community Manager
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Mérida, Mexico
Real Estate Investor
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Real Estate investor 25+ yrs. Flipper, landlord, wholesaler in NJ, FL & Va, Into B-C Class MultiFamily 50+ units, value add, GA, NC
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New Jersey
Client Success Manager Book a M1 CLIENT CHECK-IN CALL
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Former institutional real estate investor and newbie capital raiser.
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Real estate investor. Multi Family, Wholesale and flipping.
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We help real estate investors buy large apartments through syndications and creative financing.
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Columbus, GA
"Entrepreneurial success is the journey—marked by growth, learning, and unwavering determination.
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REI investor in western canada
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I am a Construction Superintendent with an extensive construction background. My new goal is is to invest in Real Estate full time.
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