Problem: Education systems are gate-kept, expensive, slow, outdated and unpersonalized.

Mission: To democratize education, instill lifelong learning and collectively educate Earth.

Product: Social learning network that incentivizes intelligence and contribution, not fame.

Traction: Validated idea, early dev stage, CEO has $30m/y e-learning company, 6y experience.

Funding: $10M bootstrapped.

Stack: Golang backend, React frontend, various data-stores.

Values: Student obsession, laser-focus, high standards, long-term thinking, lean & frugal, scientific reasoning, ALL in, full transparency, question everything, invent impossible.

We're hiring! Want to join a team of thinker-doer engineers with a hatred of bureaucracy and a bias for building, on a quest to educate Earth? We’re looking for Senior Frontend (React) and Backend (Go) Engineers to join our small self-organizing team based in Los Angeles, CA.    Above market pay, ownership via RSU’s, superb benefits, relocation allowance, lots of sun.

Interested? Send us an email: