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Most of you guys don’t actually understand how easy it is to win these days… Making money online is as easy as sitting by a river and collecting water. Once you actually understand how it flows, you can collect it endlessly… Right now, you have access to an entire world at your fingertips. Endless information and knowledge on how money moves in the world. Millions of ways to crack the ice and create sustainable income just from your phone. And you’re telling me you can’t manage to extract a measly $1000 from it? The opportunities for you to make money are not just knocking; they're pounding on the door, BEGGING for you to open it. The Real World has completely leveled the playing field. It's no longer about who you know or where you're from. It's about what you know… What you're willing to LEARN… And how fast you can ACT! There are TEENAGERS making 10 times their teacher’s salary right NOW in The Real World. Think about that. If they can do it, what's stopping you? 👇
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How to get in my Mentorship.
A lot of you asked me how can you be mentored by me. The only way is to be a member of my mentorship program. For 3 months I will entirely transform you as a man, starting with your mindset. If right now your life is not where you want it to be (money, women, network, shape, etc.) it is first because you have a poor mindset and I will help you to fix this. My mindset got me to the UFC in less than 22 months. The same mindset made me successful in business in record time. I've helped a lot of entrepreneurs reach the next level in their business by implementing what I share inside of my mentorship. If you're ready to listen to me for 3 months and change your life. You can apply by clicking down below: PS: a member of my team will review your application, if you're qualified you will hop on a call.
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Want to become an amazing fighter?
I've created a special course sharing how I've made it to the UFC in 22 short months. It's not about how to throw a punch but all about the mindset required to get to the highest level within the fighting world. This is not for everyone. I offer 50% for the members of my community when you go through this link (don't share it).
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If you're young, one of the best mentalities you can adopt to become successful is a high level of ignorance. This is something I’ve come to realise while looking back on my career as a fighter. At the start I was so wilfully ignorant to the fact that I could ever fail. I just kept rolling with every punch until I saw the finish line. The idea of failure didn't even occur to me. And this is true for most of the guys around me in my network. They all had the same “fuck you” mentality when it came to the idea of failure. It just didn't register as a real thing that could happen. A magical thing starts to happen when you adopt this mentality… Instead of now focusing on things that could stop you from achieving, you just become focused on the end goal. The obstacles become an afterthought… And the path to getting to the end goal becomes so much clearer. Things will become so much simpler if you completely forget about the thought of failure. This philosophy goes back to the idea of how your thoughts shape your reality. If all you think about is failure, you will fail. If all you think about is success… You get the picture. Make sure your thoughts align with your goals. Be ignorant to failure. - Luke
Reverse Engineer Your Dreams
A lot of your problems can be easily solved if you just start acting like the guy who can solve them. And no, this isn’t something that’s ‘easier said than done’ It’s literally that simple. Most guys will speed their whole lives dreaming of being like somebody else… Daydreaming about what it'd be like to achieve certain things, to have a certain income, to look a certain way and to live a certain way. The problem is, you end up spending too much time in fantasyland, and all of those dreams remain DREAMS forever. Because you’ve put that idea up on a pedestal, and you think you would be a different person if you had those things... WRONG. Believe me, once you get there, you come to realise nothing is really all that different. You’re still the same guy, now just with extra experiences and lessons learned. Here’s what you ACTUALLY need to start doing instead…. Reverse engineer the life you want. Instead of dreaming up the kind of guy you want to be and trying to achieve the same things as him… Work backwards. Think of the person you wish to become, and just start doing the things you’d expect that person to do. Want to be a fighter? Great, start training everyday like a fighter would. Want to be a millionaire? Start actively learning and implementing new ways to make money. Want to be a leader? Sick, start showing initiative and showing up as one. You need to visualise what your dreams actually LOOK and FEEL like, so dig deep. Figure out EVERY last detail. Then work backwards to become the guy in those dreams. Pretty soon you’ll realise most of the battle wasn't an uphill climb… It was learning how to take the first step in the right direction. - Luke
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