Here we go again! 30Day challenge
Hey Fam! I stepped away from building funnels for a few months, we had a new baby in the family and some other family things going on, but I’m back!
Feels kinda like I’m starting over and I know there’s a lot of my foundation that could be improved on so I’m starting with the 30
Day challenge again. First thing to do is introduce myself!
A few things about me, i am a husband and father of 2 girls! I love to play rugby and I am a full time recruiting manager. I started learning about funnels beginning of last year and love entrepreneurship. I am part of Gusten’s inner circle and would recommend anyone to join 100% if you have questions about it let me know! I have made decent money doing funnels and plan to scale with a team after the 30 day challenge. I also am huge into leadership development and mindset. I’m excited to learn and grow with you all! Grateful for Gusten and the team and all that they do for us! 🔥
Blake Peay
Here we go again! 30Day challenge
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