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Hey - if you've thought about working with me personally, I just created this quick Google Slide Deck walking you through how it works. Just click 'Next Slide' to move along. I'm looking for three more people to work with this month. Go over the Slide Deck I made to see if it's a fit.
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⭐ How to pre-sell (breadcrumb) an offer before you launch it... 💰 My go-to pricing cheatsheet for 1:1 & 1:many services... 🧐 How to plan your day if you're a naturally chaotic person... And more! How To Access Your Free Resources: Go to Classroom and then the Free Trainings section! AND want to unlock 🦄 premium courses & trainings 🦄? Get to Level 2 by engaging & posting in the community and unlock what's behind Level 2. Check your Leaderboard for more ;) You get points when someone else likes your content or comments - so help each other out by engaging with each other so someone else can grow and unlock resources, too! P.S. I'm prepping future free trainings to share with you all... comment below (and get a point when someone Likes it!): 1. 3 Core Systems for client-facing businesses (& how to automate them without losing the human touch) 2. Using ChatGPT as your strategic brainstorming & planning buddy + my 3 go-to Prompts 3. 5 Main Traffic Sources & choosing the right one for you for your visibility 4. Something else?
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Hiii, and WELCOME to your new community! This space helps coaches, consultants, service providers and online business owners get seen + get paid through smart, high-impact marketing, building authority, and solid strategy. Make a post or comment - steal this format! - Where are you based? - What's your business? - What's your superpower? - What could you not live without? Here's what to do next: • Check out the resources and courses under CLASSROOM • Get points and level up by posting valuable content and thoughts, and insightful comments • Help others level up by liking 👍 good posts and comments. • We're here to help each other out! • If you need help, just ask the community 💪
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Question re posting videos
Hey Maggie I’ve worked my way through the train chatGPT training and am nearly ready to start recording my videos. I was just wondering how you would post them out. So for instance if you use the first problem and get 10 solutions for it, would you post those 10 solutions in 10 straight days and then move on to problem number 2? Or would you get all 27 problems and post the first solution to each consecutively so you’re cycling through the problems every 27 days? I hope that makes sense? I’m asking because as a stylist in need to make sure I’m wearing different clothes so I want to record them depending on that!! Don’t want to post for 10 days straight wearing the same outfit 🤣🤣🤣
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Train ChatGPT v 2.0 👀😱🥳
Almost ready to go! I’m putting the final touches on the NEW version of the Train ChatGPT To Sound Like You course - including building a custom GPT. If you bought Train ChatGPT, you will get automatically upgraded with access to the new version once it’s ready. Who wants first dibs to test-drive version 2.0? Let me know below.
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