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The Fitness Tips Community is to inspire people to feel awesome, in mind, body and health no matter what your age or lifestyle or what adversity you face. This community can help you no matter what stage you are in life. You might be facing adversity, or you might be feeling unhealthy. The purpose of this community is to inspire you to live your best life because you deserve it.
Within the Fitness Tips Community, there is a forum where you can ask questions and share your daily thoughts and progress. There are resources to help you on your health journey, plus Leanne's 90-Day Fitness Forever Program to maximise your results! if you're facing adversity and want to be more resilient then the 90-Day Resilience Program could be just what you're looking for.
What's inside Fitness Tips:
# Community and Support
# E Book- The Ultimate Food Plan to know What to Eat and When! (Valued at $39.97)
# Menopause Information - How to Handle the Hormone Highway (Valued at $79.97)
# Health Hub,
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Fitness Tips
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Providing Inspiration To Feel Fit, Fabulous and Resilient, no matter what Life throws at You!
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