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How to Text a Girl
Whats up I wanted to share an update on this girl I'm talking to and how I'm gonna play it out with her so you guys can learn. So I needed a spot to stay at in Oralndo and didn't want to get a airbnb so i put my tinder to orlando and got a girl to let me stay the night with her lol ( Im a pimp) This girl actually ended up being main girl material, so this is what I'm going to do Im going to text her good mornings, randomly call her every few days and have playful chat. The reason I'm doing this and not playing ( hard to get) is because most of these red pill guys think they are the prize and to wait until a girl text them first and it's not true unless your Drake and us mfers aren't drake. So i have to text her GM and call her randomly to show her im interested and care, If i don't do that and wait for her to text me we probably won't ever text again and that will be the end of it. Now I'm not saying text her all day and that cringeworthy BS but ranomly call her some nights, and text her Good morning every few days that away you are on her mind. DO NOT TEXTER HER ALL DAY Because then you seem like you ain't got shit going for you with life. a girl wants her man busy and after something, that is very sexy to women. also do playful chat for example i asked her what she up to today and she said babysitting ( she wifey marteial) and hanging with her friend. and i said that friend better not have a dick. She said "LOLL she indeed doesn't not have a dick" and i said perfect. Now the convo is over its done im not going to try and start a new convo to text her all day, I will just wait and call her tomorrow night and see how she has been. a girl will love, a random phone call after a day or two of not texting, when she sees your calling she will get butterflies. Stay safe boys good luck!
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Talk about your goals
Hey so the official launch isn't until a week, but in the mean time for the few people joining introduce yourself and tell us about your goals!
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I will be starting weekly phone calls so we can all talk and I can answer questions, and we can share ideas. Comment your instagram @ and Ill add you to the group chat!
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Phone Calls
Hey boys, if I hosted weekly calls on Sunday so we could all talk about what we did that week to hold each other accountable would you join?
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