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Meet Your Host: Dominique Fraser
Welcome, my First-Class Friends!
Dominique Fraser here, your go-to expert for scaling your online business and reaching your financial goals in style.
Let's introduce myself:
As the founder of the prestigious Groupe SUBLIM, I specialize in mentoring CEOs to scale their online businesses with first-class offers.
Are you ready to create a luxurious $25,000 - $250,000 offer and master the business skills to scale to 6 to 7 figures?
Look no further!
I am here to help you profit from your expertise, position yourself as a key figure in your sector, and transform your knowledge into a successful company.
I am one of the pioneers of the digital economy, with over 80,000 followers and a whopping $3 million in online training and mentorship sales.
Not to mention, I am also the #7 top influencer in Canada talking about money!
Follow me in this group, and I will showcase my business, share my experience, and encourage you to exceed your bold goals.
Let's show the world what we're made of!
Join me and the First-Class family on this journey to success.
Let's do this, my fabulous friends!
P.S.: Most members are taking the time to meet me personally for a 15-min virtual coffee. I'm here to give you all the tools and support you need to succeed.
Here is my personal calendar links to book a call with me:
Dominique Fraser
Meet Your Host: Dominique Fraser
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