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Welcome to Finance.
We make it EASY to understand all things related to finance.
Can you read? Can you count on one hand? That should be plenty.
The old gatekeepers made it hard to understand money.
Our mission is to make it simple to understand money.
It's free, but here are some benefits of joining:
  • Connect with people who care about their finances
  • Community calls that teach actionable tactics
  • Weekly finance lessons & concept breakdowns
  • Financial tracking & money management techniques
  • Guest teachers who are experts on different topics
  • Safe spaces to discuss your money situation & seek group counsel
  • Open & honest reviews of financial tools & services
This group is NOT for solicitation purposes. This is also NOT financial advice.
This is for people to share their most valuable nuggets of wisdom across the topics of finance.
Our guarantee is that by joining "Finance", you will improve your financial literacy & increase the odds of an abundant financial future.
See you rascals on the inside 🧙🏼
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Finance made SIMPLE: so easy a 2nd grader could understand it.
This group is for those who care about their financial future.
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