Feminine Freedom
Private group
10 members
$47 /month
We will be the #1 community for Women creating lives with more time, money and relationship freedom all while honoring God and supporting our families.
If you love & respect men, focus on family, value self development and want to show up everywhere as the confident Godly feminine woman, you’re in the right place!
Inside you’ll be able to engage with other woman, earn points by contributing to the community & unlock access to courses about:
💎 Spotting, attracting & choosing a masculine man that protects, provides and is a committed procreator
❤️ Express yourself to always create deeply connected relationships (not stressful ones)
🙏 Grow your relationship with God so you can have that foundational confidence, love & peace every day (so important to model for your children)
💰 Know your worth & purpose, raise your standards and confidently attract everything you desire
Connect w/other women all committed to creating loving, fun lives through mastering their God-given femininity. Join now!
Privacy and terms
Private group
Community of women that honor and follow God, love & respect men, focus on family and want to use their gifts to create impact in this world.
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