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Am closing this school account
Hey all. Thanks for being part of this skool experiment and for all your sharings. Like all new tech and communities it only works if you use it, and soon after I started using it, my reasons for using it changed. I have bene all over the place. If you would like to stay intouch with me, please take a note of my email address, Or connect with me via facebook Louisa Tanner Munson. If I do do something exciting with astrology or coaching, I'll either communicate via Youtube channels or or directly via my personal facebook. Wishing you all heaps of love and joy, and thanks once again. xxxxxx
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Going live in an hour to talk eclipses. Please do join us. I have 3 astorlogers with me to answer your questions x
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Draconic Charts ("DC"s)
So today I stumbled upon this chart type on I couldn't see the point of it at all as it was virtually identical to my birth chart ("NC"). But when I ran the natal vs draconic option for 2 other people, I got completely different results. Such a puzzlement. So then I googled draconic charts and the mystery was solved - DC's are calculated with by taking the North Node as the first point of 0 degrees Aries, which is where my North Node (and Chiron) are in my natal chart anyway, hence the two charts looking the same down i.t.o. planet positions, houses and signs (off by minutes only). But if the DC represents the higher self/soul and the NC the personality and physical self, what could it mean when they are the same??? Curiouser and curiouser ...
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I'm being interviewed tomorrow on Instagram about the aftermath of venus retrograde.
I'm having a chat with Jasmina l Astrologer ♊ from Instagram, tomorrow at 1pm / 8am (ET).I'm such an instagram muppet I just don't know how to hsare her wonderful posts, but basically we're talking about the aftermath of Venus Retrograde. If you want to join us, pelase do go to Instagram and watch live on Jasmina l Astrologer ♊'s channel.Maybe see you there There are some tihngs in life that i seem super blocked on and instagram is one of them. This may go relaly well, or I may just end up not getting connected at all. I can't seem to navigate this app, I see it as wizardry. Anyway, maybe cathc you there Big love x
September forecasts are available now!!
There's a Part 1, 2 and 3 to lose yourselves in haha!
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