We are sort of world travelers living in Chicago. Steve is retired while Tammy still works. Still sorting a Portugal life for once we take the leap.
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Chicago, IL, USA
Professional Website & Funnel Buider, Mobile app developer & Designer.
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O meu nome é James (aka some version of Banana Slug ... it's a long story). I'm the one goofing around with Carl every Monday morning on GMP.
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Professional tour guide and pint sized travel nerd
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Brand & Business Coach helping women realign and redefine their coaching business in the Health & Wellness Industry.
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Ottawa, Canada (currently)
Plant lover Food cooker Picture taker
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Boots on the Ground Portugal co-founder here to build community & assist people with many challenging aspects of relocating & navigating the waters!
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We are Three peas in a pod Simon ,Fiona and our daughter Poppy
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Making connections!
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I’m from the US (Indiana) and busy working on my D7 to move to Setubal this year. I cannot wait!
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You won't forget me after you meet me 😊
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Unlock Your Full Potential with My Transformational Life Coaching: Empowering You to Rewire Your Belief Systems to Unleash Radical Life Transformation
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Central Coast NSW Australia
DM me to get living to the absolute MAX. Wife, Mother, Body coach, gym owner, political representative, lichen whisperer, mycology curious.
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Viv and I are so grateful we made the move to Ponte de Lima 12/2021. She’s originally from Florida. Colorado 20+ years - and now HOME! 💃🕺🎉🇵🇹
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We are the Hoods and moved to Vila Real de Santo Antonio August 2023.
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Will complete later
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Happy daddy. Lover of eternal opportunities
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Loving and learning Astrology every day.
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Documentary filmmaker. Co-founder of Carbon Trace Productions. Emeritus Professor of Media & Journalism at Missouri State. Living in Aveiro, Portugal
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Love learning.
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Cape Town, South africa
A Canadian living in Portugal who loves open minds ❤️
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Viana Do Castelo
American living in Portugal
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Retired communications professor, church pastor, magazine publisher, and journalist manuals, and newspaper byliners.
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farming with a little eff
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Moving to Portugal!
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Travel. Classic cars. Wine. Beer. All the usual.
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Hi. I am 58 and new to all the Astrological stuff. I'm from Toowoomba Queensland, Australia.
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Here to hang out, share knowledge, exchange ideas, and connect!
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