I've been quiet...but there's a reason!
Hey! Venus retrograde was really intense for me and reminded me that my main mission (outside of Astrology) is to have great and healing conversations with people as often as possible. I'm a coach first, and astrologer second.
I'm launching a new chat show 4 times a week on my sister youtube channel, called The Barefoot Broadcast, and starting tomorrow, I'll be livestreaming for an hour every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
Each liveshow will be there to answer one of life's big and searching questions........I have a whole long list of great questions, and am 100% open to receiving more from you if you have any. I'll be joined by one or two great guests each show, and my quirky and insightful husband, will also be joining us.
I really want to provide a deeply practical and nourishing community experience, and space where people feel safe to participate in the chatroom and that there's a lot of possibilities to feel connected. I truly believe that interconnectedness is what we all need to thrive in this rather odd but exciting world. We won't always agree, and I'm looking forward to that. I'm hopeful we can reflect, support and learn from each other, without 'othering', which I see as a growing prevalence against people we see as against us. We can grow beyond that, can't we?
So I'll be changing the name of this community from Feel Good Astrology to THE BAREFOOT BROADCAST, but I'll still be here for astrological help and will create a tab for all Astrology related sharings.
I hope you'll stay, and that maybe you'll join us on the new show/channel too, and maybe even share the shows if you feel they hold some intrinsic value to those closest to you.
Much love to you xxxxxx
Louisa Tanner Munson
I've been quiet...but there's a reason!
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