Introducing: 'Come Back to Life 2.0' (platform changes here)
In keeping with contemporary, worldy turmoil (!) changes are afoot on this platform, which will continue in the same spirit of Barefoot and Feelgood, as I bring a book I wrote over 20 years ago 'back to life' 馃槀.
I called it 'Come Back to Life' (a way of reminding and reconnecting the reader to the reality of life) and I am going to revisit the ideas shared there, here.
On a broader level, I will offer a space to check in and literally come back to LIFE, when so many are getting consumed in the worldly preoccupations of mere LIVING.
It'll be like meditation without falling asleep, like spirituality without all the virtue signalling. If all goes well.
As the worldly world continues its emotional tailspin, I trust you will find an oasis of true spiritual stillness and practical peace here...
Carl Munson
Introducing: 'Come Back to Life 2.0' (platform changes here)
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