Coming up in the week ahead!

Hey everyone. How are you? I've got a LIVE show every day for the next 5 days. All dates in local times, are on the calendar!!!!

Join me and my guests in the chat room, or please leave me a question for a guest, so you can become part of the show!! x

✔Monday 10.05 - Who do you compare yourself too? (on The Barefoot Broadcast)

✔Tuesday 10.05 - Can we change? (on The Barefoot Broadcast)

✔Wednesday / 8pm - Astrology Roundtable with 3 other astrologers, October Eclipse Forecasts (on Feel Good Astrology)

✔Thursday 10.05 - What are we excited about in life? (on The Barefoot Broadcast)

✔Friday 10.50 - Do we have soul contracts with each other? (on The Barefoot Broadcast)


Where are you, right now?

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