Can happiness be sustained in the face of adversity?

It's been a crazy week here at Munson central, I've posted 2 astrology videos and recorded 3 'barefoot Broadcast LIVES with coaches and it's like living in a permanent retreat. i've had some awesome comments from both channels where people have SHARED so much more with me, in terms of their healing journey, their hopes, fears and failures. It has been intense. I've creid 3 times this week, by being moved to tears from some ofthese stories. 'The Human Condition' is definitely on my mind this week.

How has it been for you? Intense? On the one hand, I think this is the aftermath of venus retorgrade, merucry retrograde (ending todayish), our recent north node change, and the ongoing chiron/venus/juno trine all month. The conditions are definitely good for some deep introspection.

Or is this also because the narratives in the news/celebrity appear to be changing since the end of the summer, and now the thinky veiled threats of lockdowns, financial collapse, weather changes etc, has us deep in thought.

If you want something to watch over the weekend, you might find these helpful: Is suffering a necessary part of the Human Condition? (this had carl and I in happy and sad tears, but was ultimately uplifting) What does your body know, that you don't yet know? (this was a knockout discussion with our

, and had me pondering for quite some itme after.BRILLIANT) Where does your self esteem come from? (another knockout discussion!)

Today in 45 mins, I'll be going live with my good friend Felix Hyde, who is a channel and who uses light language. He has a unique perspective. We'll be looking at 'Can happiness be sustained in the face of adversity?' i wonder what will come up.

Have a great day and speak soon. I've got an exciting Astrology collaboration to announce over the weekend too xxx


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