What Makes Good / Great Facilitation

Hi, it's a great pleasure to be enrolled in this wonderful community and I would start my journey of participating by raising a brainstorm: what do you think are the three must-have elements for a good and great facilitation? And what are the three nice-to-have factors?

This inspiration came from an interesting online session in which I and 3 other facilitators enjoyed ourselves a lot, along with two observers helping us to explore more not only about facilitations but about ourselves as well. One thing unique about this session is that we needed to be facilitators and facilitatees at the same time without given rules and instructions; hence we needed to navigate the 'best way' to co-pilot this session towards the ideal outcome. In case that context intro might have bored you, I would just share my opinions on my questions so as to attract more brilliant ones from you guys and I highly appreciate your comments below.

My answers are:

Good Facilitation

Must-haves: Clear Objectives, Process complete according to plan, Unforgettable Closing

Nice-to-haves: Expectation Management, Formative Assessment, Emotional Flow Tracking

Great Facilitation

Must-haves: Total Experience Design. Aha Moments, Co-created Projects

Nice-to-haves: Learning Circles (about the topic, the process and the people), Flexibility (with a certain degree of autonomy given to audience so that they could be the director of some part of the session), and Inspiration Pool (so that the audiences could continue their communication after the workshop, and it is where their learning continues as well)


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