Tool tips for time keeping

I've already complained about how unreliable I found the Time Timer to be.

I had enough of it.

So I ordered the Yunbaoit VT08 Pro Digital Rechargeable Visual Timer from Amazon (quite a mouthful).

What can I say. It's rechargeable. It can count up and down. Easy to use. It's completely silent. And it shows the time on an analog display.

It's cheap, even (compared to the Time Timer).

Okay. It's also pretty small (but easy to read). The display is 6x6cm.

I now use my Time Timer as a decorative piece on my shelf. Like AJ&Smart in their videos…

Bonus tip: If you are looking for a virtual timer, check out It's a web application that can be controlled from another computer. Works with Stream Deck and OBS. Ace.


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