Facilitation is an awsome skill and a great tool, we can use in different context!

Hi every one,🙂I want to share what I took away from yesterday's meeting, with

and team. During the meeting one of the participants, I can't remenber now, her name correctly, I apologize for this, but she was from Finland! 😍, and shared she use facilitation techniques to train groups in Mindfulness and other disiplins of mind, soul and body connection. What demostrates, that facilitation could be an endless and useful tool. Including these very personal practices.

As I commented here a month ago, I had recently deliver my Thesis about Constructivism and Education, because I need the degree that allows me to teach Desing Thinking, Sprints and Visual Thinking, for kids and teenagers.

I did my paper about "Heterogeneous Classrooms". You knwow, in the '80s educators, belive heterogeneous classrooms where classes were only students with difficulty understanding or developing skills, were the ones who attended these classes.

My work was about demostrating that classrooms, will always be heterogeneous and even more so, in these times. We are all different (and that's great!) with greater or lesser abilities for different subjets.

And what I want to share here, is that although I used knowledge that I obtained during the course of the degree, all the main propolsal was done with what I have learned here in

, during the last 4 years. With the Worshopper Playbook, The Facilitation Guidebook and all the stuff you share in videos, classes and meetings.

The methodology of facilitation we learn and use here, is much more fun for the students in a class, (children,teenagers or adults) than the traditional ways of teaching. I'm having visible results and teachers told me, they all participate more and have a great time in searching different issues, inside the old school subjects, from a different point of view. Maybe this could be useful for other members of the Facilitators Club, in similar situations. 🤓


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