Discover the Power of #icemelters (Free Workshop on June 28)

​Imagine: It's the start of a workshop or training, and the dreaded phrase "Let's start with an icebreaker" is announced. You notice a collective cringe sweep the room.

​Perhaps you have even led the session, trying to generate enthusiasm for an activity that falls flat more often than not.

​Why does this scenario feel so familiar?

​We've all been victims of icebreakers gone wrong. Activities that are meant to be fun and bonding, but instead, feel forced, awkward, and are just moving way too fast for our introverted friends. Too often, the ice is "broken" without consent from the participants, leaving them feeling uncomfortable rather than connected.

​And you know what? It doesn’t have to be this way.

​🧊 Icemelters: Revolutionizing the Way We Connect in Groups

​Imagine if these activities didn’t just become the highlight of your workshop but the most impactful part. Imagine if icebreakers could be more than just silly games but actually serve as meaningful tools to 'melt the ice' and create genuine connections.

​Sounds good, doesn't it?

​This is where 'Icemelters' come in - they are not your typical icebreakers.

​Like the gentle thawing of a frozen lake, 'Icemelters' offer a gradual, comfortable, and more inclusive approach to group connection.

​Much like carefully nurturing a spark into a warm and inviting campfire, 'Icemelters' create a warm and inviting space that gently thaws the ice of unfamiliarity and kindles authentic connections.

​They are activities designed to increase engagement, create trust and deep connection that isn’t forced but fostered.

​With 'Icemelters', you can turn every group session into a warm campfire experience. You know, that feeling when you sit around a crackling fire, sharing stories, and slowly but surely feeling barriers come down and connections form? That's what 'Icemelters' are about.

​Workshop Overview: Let’s Melt the Ice, Together!

  • Understand the Pitfalls: Say Goodbye to the Cringe ❄️🚫

​Dive into the science of why icebreakers often fail, causing awkwardness and making people cringe. Learn how to identify these pitfalls to foster connection instead of discomfort.

  • Activity Selection: Align with Purpose 🎯💡

​Explore how to choose the right activities that align with your session's true purpose and resonate with your audience. Uncover the secret to sequencing activities to ensure a natural and engaging flow, taking participants from curiosity to involvement to deep engagement.

  • ​Hands-on 'Icemelters': Adaptable & Versatile 🛠️🌐🔥

​Learn my favourite 'Icemelters,' ready to be used in your next group session. Discover how these methods can be tailored to fit different groups and settings - be it strangers or established teams, in-person or remote!

​I promise there won't be any cringe-worthy games or awkward moments. What there will be, however, is a transformative journey that will reshape the way you approach group experiences.

​Why swap out the tried (and tired) traditional icebreakers for something new?

​The answer lies in the magical transformation that takes place when you start engaging participants the moment they enter the room.

​Through this workshop, you'll learn strategies to build engagement gradually, creating a comfortable environment that encourages risk-taking. You'll learn to get buy-in even from the toughest crowds, from classrooms to “boredrooms”.

* * * * *

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