Design Sprint Q&A with Andra Stefanescu

TL;DR - The amazing @Andra Stefanescu has offered to participate in a (community organized) Q&A session with us and share her experiences of running Design Sprints.

Based on the idea that you learn better together, a few Design Sprint newbies from this community got together in the last few weeks to share their insights.

(Thanks to @Kumar R @Ren Yee Quek @Abdelrahman Hussien @LaYinka Sanni @Michael Passer for joining the sessions).

To help us newbies out, Andra has graciously offered to share her experience. She's run Design Sprints in person, online, one week, two weeks, partial sprints, or summer edition sprints (over 3 months) 😀 I'm so excited to learn from her.

Whether you attended the Friday sessions or not - we are now meeting on September 15th for the Q&A with Andra. Join us if you'd like!

Here are the details (see also the attached calendar file you can import):

Design Sprint Q&A with Andra Stefanescu

15. Sep 2023 at 17:00 to 18:00, CEST

Andra's LinkedIn:


Hope to see you all there!



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