BUTTER shares their TOP 21 Podcast about facilitation
I can't believe that "There is a Workshop for That" is this list and I just want to share.
Why I want to share:
  • just because it all started with this WM community and with me bringing a mic, to record some of the workshops at the AJ&Smart retreat last year.
  • with suddenly the possibility for me to get an interview at this retreat with @Jonathan Courtney (yes I was like a groupie) , that I was following since 2018, listening to the podcast Jake & Jon each time I was doing my sport, they made me laugh, they made me curious (This podcast is also in the list- OMG ๐Ÿคฉ)
  • and just because I JUST STARTED before I was ready !!!
And this is here my message, once you make the step to start something, even if you are READY, and you stay constant (Linkedin, Workshops, Podcast, Career...whatever), you learn, you adjust, you see what works, what's not working and you adjust.
While I am not the best to write articles on Substack and I admire a lot of you with that, I love to meet and chat with interesting, inspiring facilitators, Authors and corporates managers. I learn so much by doing that and I get so much connections through that.
So find the thing you love to do and it will pay off.
And when you struggles with doubts or Impostor Syndrome always look back every 2-3 months everything you've done or learned...THIS IS A LOT.
I am super honored to be in this list with amazing other podcaster, and damn I am in a list with Jake and Jon !!!
SO START and don't overthink everything.
Here is the TOP 21 PODCAST
Nathy Ravez
BUTTER shares their TOP 21 Podcast about facilitation
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